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The Williams Canyon Project of the NSS is chartered for the care, management, exploration, surveying, and scientific study of the caves of Williams Canyon in east-central Colorado, including the commercially operated Cave of the Winds. Efforts by project members have resulted in the discovery of numerous new passages in the popular show cave (Cave of The Winds), increasing the surveyed length to nearly two miles. Best known of the discoveries to date remains Silent Splendor, discovered by excavation in 1984.

If you have an interest in becoming involved in the project the best way is through on of the local Colorado grottos. Most grottos have representation in the project and have members that lead trips in the canyon on a regular basis. The participating grottos are listed in the links in the right column.

New Rule For Keeping Trustee Status:

Effective immediately trips to be used towards your required trips into the canyon must be completed between September 1st and May 30th. This rule has been imposed due to current high flooding danger in the canyon and the likely hood that any summer trips will be cancelled.

Note: All september trips will count towards the next calendar years renewal (e.g. if you go on a trip September 1, 2014 it will count for your renewal at the September 2015 meeting).

Reminder about First Aid/CPR:

A reminder that all new trustees must provide First Aid/CPR certifications prior to leading trips.

Next year all trustee and partners will have to provide COW with current First Aid/CPR certifications prior to leading trips. Keep your certifications up-to-date.

Note: Your current on file certification expiration date is listed on the current trustee and partner list here (only accessible to trustees and partners).