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About the Project

The Williams Canyon Project (WCP) surveys, explores, and preserves caves of  Williams Canyon near Colorado Springs, Colorado, including the commercially operated Cave of the Winds.  In a cooperative agreement with Cave of the Winds, the WCP takes an active role in the management of the canyon resources.

The Red Canyon Grotto in Canon City, Colorado, petitioned for membership to the WCP and was unanimously approved in 2007.  The majority of Colorado grottos are involved in the project.  WCP partnered with area grottos to host the April 2009 BOG meeting in Manitou Springs.  Floyd Fernandez, project member, is developing a series of podcasts focusing on caving techniques, etiquette, and conservation, among other topics. Digitalizing maps of project caves is nearly complete.  New survey was added to the project through the discovery of virgin passage in Huccacove through digging efforts.   Conservation activities, digging, mapping, and inventory continue in project caves.  Rick Speaect was elected Project Coordinator beginning in January of 2008.